Next Door to My heart

Next Door To My Heart
Music and lyrics © Mirosław L. Adamowski
(English version of a song Dziewczyna z sąsiedztwa)
Verse 1
Someone tell me how
To fill the night
With a warm and gentle
Touch of a dream
When I’m wide awake
Something’s missing here…
Verse 2
How to cherish the day
When you stand in the heart
Of a pouring rain
With the crowd all around
And you start to think
There is no way out
From the loneliness…
And it feels like
You were never there
I travelled the world of days
In search for your love
And I don’t wanna go like this
I sailed the sea of nights
On my own
Unaware you moved in
Next door to my heart
Next door to my heart
Long before
Verse 3
Someone tell me how
To grow a pair of wings,
I’d learn to fly
Like an eagle over the mountains
Looking down with no fear
Verse 4
How to follow the stars
When the sky gets overcast
How to get to know
Someone inside out
So you won’t be left again
With open arms
And empty hands
I travelled the world of days…
Long before I finally got to realise
I was a neighbour
Of an angel with your eyes
I tried to nock on your door
Thinking I was out of mind
Now I see you left it slightly open


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